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21 Nov 2012
by admin

Attitude of gratitude

Maybe you’ve noticed our Kranect Pen Adeventures photos that pop up on my Instagram account (KranectKelly), or my Twitter feed (@Kranectkelly), or on our Kranect Facebook page, or maybe you are totally missing out. In any case, if you have followed, you already know that Kranect Pen recently traveled to China for some serious adventuring. If you haven’t followed, maybe you should start! I had the privilege of joining Kranect Pen in his travels and I came back with a whole new perspective and an attitude of gratitude. Here is my short list of gratitudes (in no particular order) based on my experiences in Beijing and Shanghai and just in time for Thanksgiving:

  • Toilets with seats: sounds petty, but I was so thrilled to see even the nastiest truck-stop toilet after using holes in the ground with foot places next to them.
  • Voting: I returned to the states just in time for the election, and while a lot of people were getting offended by friends and family members touting their different opinions, I was grateful to be encouraged to express opinions, with vigor and passion, even.
  • Clean air: It’s one thing to see a photo of smog; it’s a whole other thing to taste it in your mouth.
  • Tomato sauce
  • Kindness of strangers: I got really sick while I was in Shanghai and a doctor from the US got me medicine and eased my mind. I’m forever grateful.
  • Medicine
  • To have had the experience of standing on The Great Wall
  • Peanut butter
  • Personal space
  • My family, friends, Kranect friends, friends of Kranect, and Kranect family

Overall, and I think I can speak for Kranect Pen here too, China was a great experience. I really enjoyed visiting the Great Wall in Bejing and some of the big buildings in Shanghai. I learned a lot, too. I’m grateful for the opportunity to visit the other side of the world. And I’m also grateful to be home.

What are you thankful for right now?

Happy Thanksgiving!

09 Nov 2012
by admin

Please Come to Denver with the Snowfall….

Do you remember that old Dave Loggins song called Please Come to Boston? I always loved it growing up because of these lyrics: “Please come to Denver with the snowfall, we’ll move up into the mountains so far that we can’t be found…”

As long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to live in Colorado. There’s just something so wonderful about living here in Denver. It’s not just the beautiful views (panoramic vistas to marvel at on your morning commute) or the crisp air  (so clean, you can feel the difference)  or the great weather (nearly 300 days of sunshine), or the  convenience of everything (Denver has the largest public parks system of any U.S. city, including some cool dog parks, world-class theater, museums, sports teams and tons of amazing restaurants)… there’s a whole lot more to it than that. The people here are AWESOME!! And guess what else? There are jobs here. Jobs that are worth moving to Denver for. So, go ahead~pack up the kids and the dog and come on out. We would love to have you!!


25 Oct 2012
by admin

What is Important?

Know that people may not always believe the things you claim, but they will always believe the things you DO.


As I pondered the above statement, my brain led me to one of my little “brain filing cabinets” labeled IMPORTANT.



1. Great Service. And what exactly is “service”? Service is not only doing what is expected, but it is also going above that expectation. GREAT service is exceeding the highest expectation.

2. Helping others to be successful in any way possible, and understanding what matters to them the most.

3. Meeting everyone face to face, with a smile! We meet our candidates face to face, which is a positive experience and adds value in building and nurturing the relationship.

4. Putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes. What is it that people appreciate the most? They appreciate being treated like they are important, because they are.

5. Honesty.

6.  And just as a quote from our intention states, “We continue to build our reputation based on a foundation of trust, loyalty, dedication to our work, and making yours the most positive experience possible…”


What is important to YOU?


12 Oct 2012
by admin

Thank you for calling Kranect!

It makes me happy to blog. It makes me especially happy to blog about KRANECT! The phones are ringing like crazy, activity is awesome, we have tons of great support and we are super busy!! Notice that the last statement had TWO exclamation marks…the next blog I write may even contain THREE!!! (Oh, look…three exclamation marks already!) I smile as I type this, because it feels good to see the future of Kranect. The future’s so bright we gotta wear shades! Oh, yeah….

08 Oct 2012
by admin

The Benefits of Taking a Vacation

Well, if it isn’t fall already! There’s a nip in the air, the leaves are changing, and the jolly orange pumpkins are shivering on the porches. Hard to believe that just a few weeks ago, Kranect Pen was on vacation with me soaking up the sun in the Caribbean. We spent most of our time on Tortola in the BVI’s and one glorious day on St. John in the USVI. It always amazes me how you can relax, forget the time, and just enjoy “being”.


Here are a few reasons why you should take that vacation you’ve been meaning to take:


1. It’s a health benefit. Take your vacation days, live longer.

2. Time off inspires creativity. We come up with our best ideas when we are relaxed.

3. Taking days off actually improves work performance. You’re not stressed, overworked or burnt out.

4. It’s a good reward to yourself. Say goodbye to the guilt and hello to the “I deserve this!”

5. Your friends, family and co-workers will thank the invigorated you.


Countless studies have shown that taking a vacation is incredibly beneficial. It doesn’t matter where you go or if you go anywhere at all. Even if you take a “stay-cation”, go enjoy and relax!

14 Sep 2012
by admin

Back in the saddle…

After almost five years, I have returned to the IT staffing industry in order to be a founding member and recruiter at Kranect. I have found the industry somewhat changed in that social media and technology have changed how people interact when it comes to jobs. For example when I was last recruiting, Twitter was barely in existence, Facebook was just becoming available to non-students, and LinkedIn wasn’t the recruiting tool it has become today. People were still on MySpace for goodness sake!

In many ways, though, things are the same; a little bit of respect and honesty go a long way, and there is no replacement for actually talking to people in person or on the phone. People are still utterly unpredictable, which I have always found interesting and refreshing.

Lately, a lot of my time is spent learning how to use new software, being distracted by it, and becoming more effective using the trial and error method (a.k.a. the hard way).  The crux is how to use these new tools to enhance my ability to connect with people as opposed to having them get in the way.  It seems, too, that there are recruiters before me who have muddied the waters with disrespect and unprofessionalism. This might be the biggest challenge of all. How does one prove that she isn’t like the others? She’ll have to show them, and that takes time, and nobody is perfect.  Occasionally, things don’t go smoothly in an interview or someone takes feedback too personally.  But I get by with a little help from my friends, and that has made all the difference.  Every time I turn around, someone is trying to help me succeed, which is another refreshing aspect of humankind.


07 Sep 2012
by Rolf

The Good, The Bad and the Fantastic

Its been about 6 weeks since the launch of Kranect.   Some retrospective:


The Good:  Love our office, it’s the perfect set-up for us in the perfect location and the Wallyball games have been super fun.  Love my staff – loyal, dedicated, hard working, fun to be around!! (What more could you want) Love reconnecting with old work friends, I’ve missed them and their intelligence and their insight into our industry. Love  our vendors who have been so supportive and helpful in getting us set up and ready to do business.


The Bad:  I knew we would run into challenges and brick walls along the way.  I was hoping it wouldn’t start right away.  Picked the wrong insurance broker for my workers comp, E & O, and GL policies.  We have to start over and it’s cost us credibility with our clients.  Lesson learned –  always shop a few vendors.  In our hearts we are trying to help everyone we come across, I can’t understand why some candidates go dark after we have tried to help them secure work and get them interviews with prospective employers.  Just communicate – we can handle the truth.  Unfortunately, some buyers are liars – that’s just how things are even though we wish it wasn’t


The Fantastic:  Great activity and great energy with our good clients and our good candidates.  We got our first placement and are off and runnin’.


So far, as expected, we have more good and fantastic than any bad can counteract.

06 Sep 2012
by admin

The Six Degrees of Kranect

What an amazing first month for Kranect!! Each and every day brings us new opportunities and awesome connections (kranections). Speaking of kranections, have you ever heard of the Six degrees of separation? Six degrees of separation refers to the idea that everyone is on average approximately six steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person on Earth, so that a chain of “a friend of a friend” statements can be made, on average, to connect any two people in six steps or fewer. (Kevin Bacon, anyone?) As much as I love Kevin Bacon, I prefer “The Six Degrees of Kranect.” We are all kranected in one way or another. Are you looking for a job? Or is a job looking for you? Let us Kranect you. 🙂

23 Aug 2012
by admin

In the swing of things…

Well, here we are in full swing! The first few job orders have turned into many, and we are definitely finding our groove! (You can tell how excited I am by the punctuation, right?) Adding to the excitement this week includes our new awesome coffee machine with a 64 oz. stainless steel thermal carafe, and an amazing Ninja Blender. (Mmmm, hot coffee all day AND, Rolf sure knows how to make killer smoothies!) We are meeting new people in our building, and occasionally we will have someone poke their head in and ask “Who is Kranect and what do you do?”  It is a pleasure to tell them that we are well on our way to becoming the best IT staffing and consulting agency along Colorado’s front range!!

17 Aug 2012
by admin

Putting it all together…

We are so happy to say that our phones have arrived and they work! Business is picking up and we’ve received our first few job orders. New appliances in the office this week include our refrigerator, our water filter, and a radio. Rolf’s sister Monica made our business cards, and they arrived on Thursday. They look fantastic and we’re already getting compliments on them. Also noteworthy, our plants wilted a little over the weekend because our office got a little warm, but they are better than ever now with a bit of TLC. Stay tuned for more updates as we get into the swing of things!

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