Attitude of gratitude

21 Nov 2012
by admin

Maybe you’ve noticed our Kranect Pen Adeventures photos that pop up on my Instagram account (KranectKelly), or my Twitter feed (@Kranectkelly), or on our Kranect Facebook page, or maybe you are totally missing out. In any case, if you have followed, you already know that Kranect Pen recently traveled to China for some serious adventuring. If you haven’t followed, maybe you should start! I had the privilege of joining Kranect Pen in his travels and I came back with a whole new perspective and an attitude of gratitude. Here is my short list of gratitudes (in no particular order) based on my experiences in Beijing and Shanghai and just in time for Thanksgiving:

  • Toilets with seats: sounds petty, but I was so thrilled to see even the nastiest truck-stop toilet after using holes in the ground with foot places next to them.
  • Voting: I returned to the states just in time for the election, and while a lot of people were getting offended by friends and family members touting their different opinions, I was grateful to be encouraged to express opinions, with vigor and passion, even.
  • Clean air: It’s one thing to see a photo of smog; it’s a whole other thing to taste it in your mouth.
  • Tomato sauce
  • Kindness of strangers: I got really sick while I was in Shanghai and a doctor from the US got me medicine and eased my mind. I’m forever grateful.
  • Medicine
  • To have had the experience of standing on The Great Wall
  • Peanut butter
  • Personal space
  • My family, friends, Kranect friends, friends of Kranect, and Kranect family

Overall, and I think I can speak for Kranect Pen here too, China was a great experience. I really enjoyed visiting the Great Wall in Bejing and some of the big buildings in Shanghai. I learned a lot, too. I’m grateful for the opportunity to visit the other side of the world. And I’m also grateful to be home.

What are you thankful for right now?

Happy Thanksgiving!

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