Back in the saddle…

14 Sep 2012
by admin

After almost five years, I have returned to the IT staffing industry in order to be a founding member and recruiter at Kranect. I have found the industry somewhat changed in that social media and technology have changed how people interact when it comes to jobs. For example when I was last recruiting, Twitter was barely in existence, Facebook was just becoming available to non-students, and LinkedIn wasn’t the recruiting tool it has become today. People were still on MySpace for goodness sake!

In many ways, though, things are the same; a little bit of respect and honesty go a long way, and there is no replacement for actually talking to people in person or on the phone. People are still utterly unpredictable, which I have always found interesting and refreshing.

Lately, a lot of my time is spent learning how to use new software, being distracted by it, and becoming more effective using the trial and error method (a.k.a. the hard way).  The crux is how to use these new tools to enhance my ability to connect with people as opposed to having them get in the way.  It seems, too, that there are recruiters before me who have muddied the waters with disrespect and unprofessionalism. This might be the biggest challenge of all. How does one prove that she isn’t like the others? She’ll have to show them, and that takes time, and nobody is perfect.  Occasionally, things don’t go smoothly in an interview or someone takes feedback too personally.  But I get by with a little help from my friends, and that has made all the difference.  Every time I turn around, someone is trying to help me succeed, which is another refreshing aspect of humankind.


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