02 Aug 2013
by admin

Two months ago, I joined the Kranect family, and I’ve enjoyed coming to work every day since. No, no, I’m not being conned into writing this blog post, rather, it’s something I’m proud I can say. It’s something I feel everyone should be able to say.


With four months left in the year, I put together a list of goals to accomplish by the close of 2013. This phrase was at the top. Also up there, helping others say it, too.


I decided to make a list of how I can enjoy coming to work each day, and I want to be able to check each one off, every single day.

  • -Love the work I do and continue to take pride in it.
  • -Like the people I work with and constantly learn from them.
  • -Be a valued member, and add value, to the Kranect team
  • -Balance my time at work with my time outside of it.
  • -Eat breakfast.


What am I missing? What makes you happy to go to work every morning?

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