Most Job Seekers Miss This Personal Branding Opportunity

01 Jul 2016
by Rolf

This weeks guest blogger is personal branding guru, Matt Holmes, founder of the Handshakin community.

Creative Personal Branding book that gives tips on how to get create your personal brand both online and in person

The time to begin considering Personal Branding is now! The branding mindset gives you tools that differentiate between scoring big opportunities and being forgotten.

The tool that makes the most significant impact is a website on your own domain ( that represents your personal brand.

Shocking Statistics And Missed Opportunities

Here is something to think about: A 2013 article on the Forbes website states that 56% of hiring managers admit that candidates having a personal website are highly impressive, but only 7% of them actually have a one.

The world of work is becoming both more exciting and frightening; competition for career positions at all levels is fiercer than ever before.

To beat the crowd, you will have to think like you are a business owner.

The flip side of this mindset change means that you will have to treat your employees and network of contacts more like customers too. Whether you’re a business owner or job seeker in America, your job is to be clear on what value you will provide to your target market.

Reap The Benefits Of Having A Website

The most successful workers of the future will be the ones who understand that a personal website is a vital platform on which to promote your skill set​. When you have a personal website that represents your brand you immediately establish 4 objectives:
–It builds your network of influence
–Demonstrates your credibility and builds trust
–Establishes you as an expert in your field
–A platform to which you can drive leads from your personal network

Become a boss, negotiate your salary, launch your next startup with leads, and put yourself out there. Quit hiding…

Join The 7 Percent

If you do nothing about your brand, most likely, not much will happen, but not in the right way, it means a smaller network of contacts and fewer to no job offers, precisely at the time that branded applicants are beginning to win the best offers.

The entrepreneurs, business leaders, and job seekers who start now will have a head start in regards to personal opportunity, success, and achievement. It’s a scramble to compete with the crowd so launch your brand today and start improving.

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