How to teach yourself to code in 3 months

23 Nov 2016
by Rolf

This weeks guest blogger is Chris Sean. A junior web developer in Orange County, CA. Here’s his story on becoming a web developer in 3 months.
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I taught myself very basic code in the span of 3 months because I wanted to get out of a dead end job.

After 2 weeks of applying, I got hired as a junior web developer making double what I earned in my previous job. Let’s just say the average income in the US is $50k a year. I’m just right under that. (At this time, I still only knew the basics of creating a website).

They promised to give me a review after 3 months to discuss a VERY possible 33% raise to bring my salary up to amount I never thought would be possible in my life, considering I failed at returning in HS and college.

This is absolutely insane for someone in my position. I barely graduated high school, hated college, and was just living my life not knowing where I ended up.

If you told me 6 months ago I’d be in this position I would call you insane.

As of now, I am working to hone my skills and I am very confident that if all doesn’t go well here, I’ll eventually qualify for a job that pays me $80–90k/yr in just a matter of time. And yes, I have no loans to pay.

John Morris actually heard my story 3 months ago and decided to make a video on my situation on Youtube

Just wanted to add, it has been 3 months since I’ve been hired. Will have my review next week as well.

As of now, HTML & CSS3 is like breathing. You don’t really think about how to use it anymore since you use it every single day.

My JavaScript has improved much more quickly than expected. I am learning jQuery but that too is becoming much more comfortable.

The goal for my company is to have me grow into a full-stack developer. So my goal is to begin learning PHP by the end of November or mid December (6 months in).

Although my side goals will be to learn Ajax, get even better in JavaScript to learn Node.js. And because I would love to get a job at google which is just down the street I will casually study Java or C++ on the side.

Also, when I say I taught myself code. I meant that I taught myself code via Start learning at Treehouse for free!

I’ve studied using Udacity and other coding websites but teamtreehouse is the way to go. Here is a referral discount if you wish to try out their 7 day free trial here.

How did I get this job?

2 weeks ago, my boss at my previous company threatened to fire me if I continue to put God and church first before work. (It never got in the way of work, but I guess he was uncomfortable with me being passionate about my faith as well).

So as a result, I decided to put matter in my own hands. I applied everywhere (by this time I’ve been coding for 3 months). EVERYDAY, I made sure to apply to at least 1–2 web development jobs I thought I could do even if I did not match 100% of what they were looking for. 2 weeks later, I see an ad looking for a web developer who knows the following languages: Experience in PHP, MySQL, Ruby, or Haskell, and web languages such as CSS and HTML, are a plus.(I ONLY know 2 of the 6 languages they required)

I saw they didn’t require JS so I applied immediately! I got a response from the owner and he decided to interview me the next day. Because of how excited I was and the fact this owner would interview me with zero experience I knew I had little chance to get the job.

What did I do to enhance my chance? I finished the website I’ve been working on for weeks which should have been done in a few days if I had put more effort. I showed it to him during the interview. I explained how I specialized in bootstrap and one page websites. He fell in love with how clear and simple my site was and hired me on the spot.

I will give my letter of resignation to my current employer on Monday. Collect my check and move to a new chapter of my life in the web development industry.

Everyone in my life looked down on me as if I could never succeed in life. So, I did everything I can to put myself in a position where I can do nothing but succeed.

If someone like me (no college degree) can do it. You certainly can. Good luck on your journey in becoming a web developer!

Check out the website I used during my interview here → LIFTER | BELIEVER | FRONT-END NINJA – Its very simple. Get to the point. And most of all, I put my personality and who I am into the page.

Chris Sean
Snapchat: cdabs718 | | Twitter @RealChrisSean

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