The Benefits of Taking a Vacation

08 Oct 2012
by admin

Well, if it isn’t fall already! There’s a nip in the air, the leaves are changing, and the jolly orange pumpkins are shivering on the porches. Hard to believe that just a few weeks ago, Kranect Pen was on vacation with me soaking up the sun in the Caribbean. We spent most of our time on Tortola in the BVI’s and one glorious day on St. John in the USVI. It always amazes me how you can relax, forget the time, and just enjoy “being”.


Here are a few reasons why you should take that vacation you’ve been meaning to take:


1. It’s a health benefit. Take your vacation days, live longer.

2. Time off inspires creativity. We come up with our best ideas when we are relaxed.

3. Taking days off actually improves work performance. You’re not stressed, overworked or burnt out.

4. It’s a good reward to yourself. Say goodbye to the guilt and hello to the “I deserve this!”

5. Your friends, family and co-workers will thank the invigorated you.


Countless studies have shown that taking a vacation is incredibly beneficial. It doesn’t matter where you go or if you go anywhere at all. Even if you take a “stay-cation”, go enjoy and relax!

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