The Good, The Bad and the Fantastic

07 Sep 2012
by Rolf

Its been about 6 weeks since the launch of Kranect.   Some retrospective:


The Good:  Love our office, it’s the perfect set-up for us in the perfect location and the Wallyball games have been super fun.  Love my staff – loyal, dedicated, hard working, fun to be around!! (What more could you want) Love reconnecting with old work friends, I’ve missed them and their intelligence and their insight into our industry. Love  our vendors who have been so supportive and helpful in getting us set up and ready to do business.


The Bad:  I knew we would run into challenges and brick walls along the way.  I was hoping it wouldn’t start right away.  Picked the wrong insurance broker for my workers comp, E & O, and GL policies.  We have to start over and it’s cost us credibility with our clients.  Lesson learned –  always shop a few vendors.  In our hearts we are trying to help everyone we come across, I can’t understand why some candidates go dark after we have tried to help them secure work and get them interviews with prospective employers.  Just communicate – we can handle the truth.  Unfortunately, some buyers are liars – that’s just how things are even though we wish it wasn’t


The Fantastic:  Great activity and great energy with our good clients and our good candidates.  We got our first placement and are off and runnin’.


So far, as expected, we have more good and fantastic than any bad can counteract.

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