What is Important?

25 Oct 2012
by admin

Know that people may not always believe the things you claim, but they will always believe the things you DO.


As I pondered the above statement, my brain led me to one of my little “brain filing cabinets” labeled IMPORTANT.



1. Great Service. And what exactly is “service”? Service is not only doing what is expected, but it is also going above that expectation. GREAT service is exceeding the highest expectation.

2. Helping others to be successful in any way possible, and understanding what matters to them the most.

3. Meeting everyone face to face, with a smile! We meet our candidates face to face, which is a positive experience and adds value in building and nurturing the relationship.

4. Putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes. What is it that people appreciate the most? They appreciate being treated like they are important, because they are.

5. Honesty.

6.  And just as a quote from our intention states, “We continue to build our reputation based on a foundation of trust, loyalty, dedication to our work, and making yours the most positive experience possible…”


What is important to YOU?


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