Fitting Round Pegs in Round Holes: Why You, As a Candidate, Should Use Staffing Agencies

29 Apr 2015
by Sara Kramer
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When most people think of staffing agencies, they usually think of those incessant phone calls they get from recruiters on a daily basis. First of all, if you’re getting a lot of attention from recruiters, you should be flattered. It means you’re good at what you do, and good at being found. Second of all, most of us are just here to help, I promise. Whether you’re currently on the market for a new job, or you are employed but maybe not happily, there are a lot of advantages to using a staffing agency to land your next gig.

 Companies actually use them

The fact that staffing agencies even exist in the first place means they work. There are a ton of reasons that companies decide to outsource looking for talent, it takes a lot of pressure off them, and they usually end up with better candidates. Paying other people to do your heavy lifting is all the rage these days. This is why the best jobs at the best companies are usually not on job boards. This also means your dream job is probably sitting in a recruiter’s inbox right now. While we’ll be the first to admit that there are some recruiters who don’t do their job as well as others, there actually is a fighting chance that phone call you’re getting could connect you with a really cool opportunity. First rule of sales is to always pick up the phone when it’s ringing, right?

 Less work for you

Looking for a full time job is a full time job these days. Even if you’re not looking, switching jobs is a lot work. There’s so much that goes into the whole process. This is where the staffing agency comes in really handy. They’ll format your resume so it looks perfect, help you write a compelling cover letter and even train you in the whole process so you know exactly what to expect and what to say. They even take care of sending the polished package over to the company for you. You can just sit back and relax knowing that it’s all taken care of for you. How nice is that?


 A better fit. On both ends.

 Our favorite saying here at Kranect is that our goal is not to try to force round pegs into square holes. That’s what we live by, and one of the main reasons candidates should be utilizing staffing agencies to the fullest extent they can. Recruiters (the good ones anyway) aren’t interested in trying to match a generic job description with resume key words. That’s not going to add value to the client or the candidate. Matching a candidate to a job is about so much more; it’s about company culture and personality, and it matters whether or not the office has a ping-pong table. These are the kind of things that you as a candidate won’t know about a company just by reading their job posting on Monster, and where working with a recruiter can give you a better result in the end. Regardless of the job, people want to work with people they like and people that are like them. Recruiters gather information about what kind of person the company is looking for, not just their skills. Finding that perfect fit is not impossible to do on your own, but working with a staffing agencies can save you a lot of time interviewing for companies you simply won’t fit into.

 Recruiters care about your success as much as you do

It’s nice to have someone in your corner throughout the job-hunting process, and that’s what recruiters are there for. They care about how good your resume looks, how good your cover letter sounds, how your interview goes, and whether or not you get the job just as much as you do! Recruiters who are in this business for the right reasons are genuinely happy to see people land their dream job, and feel good about being a part of that process. Recruiters are willing to put in the time to coach you on what to say, how to dress, and to overall just be there to help you with anything you might need. Use this to your advantage as a candidate! The best part, it doesn’t cost you as a candidate anything but time, and you can never learn too much about how to improve your job-hunting game. There really are no downsides.

There are countless ways you can use staffing agencies as a resource in your job-hunting journey. Don’t ride off a few bad experiences with a few bad recruiters and/or agencies; there are a lot of awesome people out there who just want to see you land your dream job. Next time you get a call from a recruiter, do us a favor and humor them for a minute or two. You never know what kind of opportunities a simple conversation could bring you.

-Sara Kramer

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